I had a great time creating the enhanced LIFT brand based on the foundation and core of their fitness program. Focusing on primal, natural, human functional movements. I also created their environmental branding!

white lift logo on black background by naz kharsa
black lift logo on yellow background by naz kharsa
black lift logo on white background by naz kharsa
lift jo stationery design by naz kharsa

complete stationery design

lift jo wall art and signage design by naz kharsa

wall art and signage design

environmental branding and custom apparel design by naz kharsa

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lift jo photography by naz kharsa
lift jo wall art by naz kharsa
mona bitar profile photo by naz kharsa

On behalf LIFT JO we are so happy to have had Nassouh ‘Naz’ Kharsa imprint his creativity in capturing our vision and on a larger scale translating that into our brand translating the essence of who we are and what we are about into our physical identity and hopefully our success too! We are in love with our brand and all the feedback we have been receiving is incredible! It truly has helped bring our why, who, how and what to life! Thank you so much for putting so much creative passion into bringing our vision to reality for us to share with the world.

Mona BitarPartner & Head Coach